Clients & Suppliers

Procurement Overview

Centra's procurement department is responsible for all aspects relating to supply chain development.

What Does Centra Buy?

Centra buys services and materials to support production and operational needs.

  • Subcontract machining services (metallic and non-metallic materials)
  • Composite, sheet metal, formed and non-metallic components and hardware
  • Raw material
  • Component surface treatments
  • Capital equipment
  • Factory supplies and tooling
  • Miscellaneous operational support, products and services

What Does Centra Look For in a Supplier?

  • Cost, quality and schedule performance
  • Commitment to continuous improvement and integration of technology
  • Willingness and flexibility to grow with its business
  • Commitment to customer service and the ability to provide innovative solutions
  • Long-term partnership opportunities

Supplier Manual