Transformation Team

Mission, Vision, Values


To champion continuous improvement activity within all areas of Centra in order to develop a self-initiating, self sustaining work culture.


To transform Centra into a "High Performance Work Culture" by cultivating the following tools:

  • Centra Occurrence Report Evaluation (CORE)
  • Internal Corrective Action Report (ICAR)
  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
  • A3 Project Management
  • Accelerated Improvement Event (AIE)
  • 6S - Safety, Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain


  • Lead by example.
  • Trust in all relationships.
  • Visual Controls where possible.
  • Sustain knowledge through measurement.
  • Knowledge, learn, develop and share throughout the organization.
  • Together, we grow Centra's culture.

Strategic Improvement Tool Kit

6S Improvement Toolkit

6S (Safety, Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain)

6S is the foundation for all improvement within Centra. The other five tools listed below are all potential inputs into the 6S system. Every Centra employee uses the 6S methodology to make positive improvement in the organization.

6S is the foundation of the way that Centra does business.

CORE (Centra Occurrence Reporting & Evaluation)

COREs report unexpected incidents that could potentially cause or actually cause property damage, an environmental issue, or human injury. CORE trends, repeat COREs, or serious incidents may escalate into an Internal Coorective Action Report (ICAR), or even to an A3 to ensure in-depth root cause analysis and solution implementation is completed. If rapid change is required, an Accelerated Improvement Event (AIE) may be held to make immediate changes. All COREs are immediately investigated by Centra's Transformation Team.

ICAR (Internal Corrective Action Report)

ICAR is used to perform a root cause analysis and generate solution recommendations for issues raised in COREs, quality/compliance trends, process gaps and process repeatability/capability issues. ICARs are executed using a group of specialists - Centra's Transformation Team and employees directly related or involved with the issue. In a focused effort, the team will identify the root cause(s) of the issue as well as recommendations for corrective action. Though the solution could affect multiple processes, standards and departments, it is implemented in less than 2 weeks. If an activity spans longer than two weeks, the ICAR will be transferred to an A3.

AIE (Accelerated Improvement Event)

AIEs are used to focus human capital (brainpower) through team building by accomplishing a specific goal. Teams are assembled in a cross-functional methodology pulling from all departments and are led to accomplish the defined task in a short timeframe. The duration of an AIE is defined by the goal, and does not typically extend past 5 days. This is Centra's most effective and powerful tool and can be called in to tackle the most challenging of tasks with positive and effective results.

A3 Project Management

A3 is a root cause, corrective action implementation project accountability tool. At Centra, A3 projects are owned by one employee who is directly mentored by an experienced A3 writer or troubleshooting expert. The A3 process is driven from two main streams - transferred from ICAR, and from Value Stream Mapping (VSM). These projects have a maximum lifespan of 3 months. A3's demand the deepest root cause investigation - potentially using multiple methods.

VSM (Value Stream Mapping):

Value Stream Mapping events occur regularly to map Centra's processes and procedures which quickly indentify waste and opportunities for improvement. VSM events are used during AIEs, A3s and ICARs. The goal is to identify the current state VSM for the entire company and provides visibility of waste, allowing creative planning for Centra's competitive advantage.